HEALTH HINTS! Watch the Expiration Dates


More than 50% of American Households have at least 0ne medication in their medicine cabinet that is passed its expiration date. McNeil Pharmaceuticals noted in a recent study. Now that the cold and flu season is upon us Pharmacists urge everyone to follow the three R's. READ, REMOVE, RESTOCK.

READ the labels and expiration dates on all boxes and bottles. Be sure you understand dosages and dangers before you take something you shouldn't. REMOVE anything that is expired, as using old medicine may be counterproductive and even dangerous, because it may be less effective or may not work at all. RESTOCK what you need. Make sure to call for you prescription renewal and have the over the counter cold remedies available for your usage. Make sure the medication is stored in a place with less moisture and more consistent temperatures. Have a healthy and happy Holiday season

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